Jessica Roux Tarot Tales Ruled Notebook The Empress


This hardback, A5-ruled notebook is not just a canvas for your thoughts. As you fill the pages with your thoughts and inspirations, you carry a piece of Jessica Roux's artistry, creating a journal that reflects your feminine powers, creativity, and maternal love.


Our nature-inspired Tarot Tales Talismans have been designed in collaboration with our special guest artist, Jessica Roux. Together we created a series of six tarot cards that would bring joy (and fingers crossed, some good fortune!), whilst weaving in a little flora and fauna for some extra Fable magic.

The Empress is symbolic of creativity, maternal love, and new opportunities. Often represented by hares, The Empress cradles a pomegranate symbolising fertility, surrounded by twelve stars representing her feminine power throughout the year.

Key features:

  • A5 Ruled Notebook 
  • Hardback, 100% paper
  • 130g white craft paper
  • 96 pages

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