Jessica Roux Strength Tarot Tales Blanket Scarf


Our nature inspired Tarot Tales Talismans have been designed in collaboration with our special guest artist, Jessica Roux. Together we created a series of six tarot cards that would bring joy (and fingers crossed, some good fortune!), whilst weaving in a little flora and fauna for some extra Fable magic.


The Strength Tarot represents a happy conclusion to a personal problem, warding off negativity or temptation through her powerful strength of character. The lion wears a wreath of roses representing the feminine with the infinity sign above her head symbolising the eternal and infinite nature of inner strength.

Wrap yourself in the artistry of Jessica Roux with our Strength Tarot Tales Blanket Scarf. Versatile in its use, this oversized scarf can be worn as an elegant accessory, used as a cosy throw on chilly evenings, or displayed as a work of art on your wall. Let the artistry of Jessica Roux and the symbolism of the Strength Talisman envelop you.

Key features:

  • Silk-like ultra-soft fabric
  • 128 x 180cm; 600g
  • 70% Polyester, 30% Lyocell
  • Hand wash separately

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